Leo et Popi

Why do you have a monkey on your shoulder ?

Me, I'm Léo and I'm a recruiter. And on my shoulder, this is Popi (It's a famous French cartoon for children) You take Po-Pi, you reverse it, it does Pi-Po.

Pipo, it means lies in french and this is what I fight on a daily basis. You won't see it there !

My battles ?
1/ Make recruitment sexy again
2/ Build an honest and equal relationship between candidates and recruiters
3/ Help as many people as possible to become memorable and find their dream job !

You can now dive in into
- My Youtube channel (In English 🇬🇧)
- My Podcast (In French 🇫🇷)
- My articles (Most of them in french as well 🇫🇷)


(🇫🇷 In French 🇫🇷)
Tu pourras ici découvrir de nouvelles choses à chaque épisode et tu sauras comment savoir ce que tu veux, comment trouver un job mais aussi tout ce dont tu as toujours voulu savoir sur l'entretien, la négociation, le freelancing ou encore le personal branding.


Here, you can discover what I think about recruitment & about the futur of work. The common point between every articles, I always try to give you a different perspective from what everyone thinks.
Can't wait to talk to you about it !

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